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KATG 1567: I Found You, John Petrie

How did you not see that coming?! April 6, 2012

Show Notes

  • — PREREQUISITE LISTENING: KATG 1491: Guy Code - 40 minutes in
  • — I Don't Want To Tell You: Chemda went to the doctor for a sinus infection, and she was very shy about being examined
  • — Stagger Breathe: Chemda sneaks heavy, loud breaths when her mic is off during Viva Patshiva due to illness
  • — Collect Them All: Listener Trisha got KATG tattoo #105
  • — Sister Girl: On her anniversary with Peter, Sarah once saw Keith with Cat without being caught up on shows) and worried that he was cheating on Chemda
  • — Dirty Dog: Peter has two kids and Sarah was their babysitter before they were married
  • — Pout: Lara Flynn Boyle got terrible plastic surgery that made her look like the kid from Bully
  • — You Can't Hide: Peter works for Us Weekly and used his journalistic prowess to find John Petrie
  • — Reconciliation: Peter wants to pitch a reality show about reuniting old friends who had a falling out. He uses this idea as the angle to finding John Petrie.
  • — Judge Malley: John Petrie is in jail in Louisiana and has his court date in June
  • — Belated: Chemda won the 2011 KATGuh Most Touching Moment Award for coming out to her mom courtesy of Josh Latta
  • — Fate: Peter tracked down John Petrie because he wanted to propose to Sarah on the show

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