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Peter Grossman

Editor for US Weekly who tracked down John Petrie.
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KATG 1786: A Punch in the Arm

I don't think it lowers you. This is low enough. May 28, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Most Touching Shocker: Peter Grossman, 2012 double KATGuh award winner, is in studio
  • — You Weekly: Peter works for Us Magazine and is well aware of the fact that he isn't covering anything important
  • — Gwyneth Kaufman: Peter tries to convince Keith and Chemda that Gwyneth Paltrow's entire persona is a goof and that she's the most brilliant post-modern comedian of all time
  • — The Ugly Girl Whisperer: Keith ranks the attractiveness of celebrities
  • — Going Viral: A man was blamed for purposefully infecting 239 people with HIV
  • — XXLafferty: The majority of Keith's fans don't think Keith should seek revenge on his high school bully
  • — The Dog Whisperer: Keith might be getting himself a cute little puppy
  • — Call To Arms: Zane Lamprey is trying to win a Guinness World Record for broadcasting for 24 simultaneous hours, despite the fact that KATG holds the record at 76 hours

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