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Gaby Dunn

Comedian and writer, host of the podcast Bad With Money.
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KATG 2850: The Problem with HR w/ Gaby Dunn

KATG's #1 Frenemy; sex with bad people; millennials and boundaries; Keith critiques lubrications; non-monogamy; TV sex; how to stay sober; Bad With Money; nudity and social media April 24, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Live From Hollywood: We have the hilarious Gaby Dunn in our remote studio in Los Angeles
  • — Single White Male: Keith explains the next chapter in the drama with listener dEAdERest, KATG's #1 frenemy
  • — Love/Hate: The gang discusses having sexual relationships with people whose personalities they hate
  • — Ask For Forgiveness Not Permission: The gang discusses people dating at work and the boundarylessness of millennials
  • — Top Of The Boards: There's a tabletop arcade console in the apartment KATG is staying in. Chemda had to put her Ms. Pac-Man money where her mouth was.
  • — Hung Like An Elephant: Ron Jeremy is living in the building that team KATG is staying at. Keith wants lubrication advice. Ron carries loose lube in his pockets.
  • — Women On Their Farms: Gabby is in an open relationship with her girlfriend in that she's non-monogamous
  • — Pain Don't Hurt: Gabby has a tattoo of a quote from the movie Road House on her arm. The gang discusses sex scenes in movies and TV.
  • — Bad With Money: Gabby hosts a podcast entitled Bad With Money, where she gave out her fluctuating bank balance and explained the process of freelancing
  • — Ben & Jerry & Keith: Keith gives an update on the learning curve he has experienced regarding sobriety
  • — This Is My Club Now: The KATG gang went to The Comedy Store and saw Pauly Shore perform for the first time after his mother, Mitzi Shore, passed away
  • — To Serve And Protect: The group discusses nudity, social media, and the weirdos that report it


Gaby DunnGaby Dunn

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