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Adam Spiegelman

Comedy booker and host of the podcast Proudly Resents.
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KATG 1857: My Wife

with Adam Spiegelman and Brian Baldinger October 14, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Cleaning Up: Adam Spiegelman and Brian Baldinger, here to witness the chart-climbing of Keith's new album, are in studio
  • — Bomb Threat: Adam tells a joke that flopped for him when he told it in high school, as well as now
  • — Throw It In The River: Did Keith keep the rented kitten?
  • — At The Movies: The gang discusses Prisoners, Captain Phillips, and Don Jon
  • — Petty Cash: The gang decries the practice of celebrities charging for autographs at conventions
  • — Lost In Translation: Esquire Magazine has named Scarlett Johansson the sexiest woman alive
  • — More Than Meets The - Ow, My Eye!: Shia LaBeouf got punched in the face and dick by a bystander for filming a woman throwing up
  • — Bicoastal Marriage: Keith grills Adam about the, as Keith sees them, odd circumstances surrounding his marriage
  • — What A Muncher: Michael Douglas is now claiming that he had tongue cancer and not throat cancer
  • — Making A Splash: Daryl Hannah has come out as autistic
  • — Jewed Down: A wedding videographer accidentally made anti-Semitic remarks on tape while filming a Jewish wedding
  • — Friend Price: The gang discusses the fairness of the price Keith and Chemda quoted Adam for the room in the studio he is renting

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