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Bonnie McFarlane

Comedian featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Author of the book You're Better Than Me.
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KATG 2895: Funny and a Girl w/ Bonnie McFarlane

Working social media; being involved with kids from different families; Anthony Bourdain and his produced book: Bonnie's You're Better than Me; growing up poor and different belief systems within a family; female comedians and the #MeToo change; Red Dead Redemption and Bonnie's namesake July 5, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Queen B: Keith's love, Bonnie McFarlane, is in studio
  • — Who's Taking The Pictures?: The gang discusses the different ways to use social media platforms, and how exhausting and important and detrimental they are
  • — Comic Relief: Bonnie's husband Rich Vos has children from a previous marriage as well as their own. Bonnie discusses navigating the different family times.
  • — Conspiracy Theory: Anthony Bourdain’s publishing company put out Bonnie’s book You're Better than Me. She recounts her experiences with him and her thoughts on coping with depression.
  • — Only Tipped Once: Bonnie grew up in a rural town in Canada where she was given a cow as a gift for her 10th birthday. The gang discusses growing up poor and the differences between country and city upbringings.
  • — You Can Always Move Home, Son: The gang discusses growing up and dealing with different family belief systems
  • — Mirroring: Bonnie gives her perspective as a comedian and a woman before and during the #MeToo movement
  • — Tight White Top: Bonnie produced and hosted the roast of her husband, Rich Vos, which Keith and Chemda saw live. The gang discusses the very raw moments and jokes about Anthony Cumia being a racist.
  • — Sincerest Form Of Flattery: Bonnie is the namesake, and perhaps inspiration, for the female lead character in the video game Red Dead Redemption

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