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Tom Steffen

Comedian best known for his appearances in the 2009 CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival and Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight Contest.
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KATG 1609: #1 in Music and Fun!

Stop staring at my gayness, you obsessed freak! June 19, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Kazoo: Comic/DJ Tom Steffen relates his experiences from playing top 40 songs in Kentucky
  • — Press-A-Button: Tom quit DJing after the company overworked him and canceled on his promotion
  • — Eroding Nose: Recently-discovered evidence revealed that Adolf Hitler was a cocaine addict
  • — You Can't Take Pictures: A Picasso painting was spraypaint-stenciled in a Houston museum
  • — Back To School: Tom didn't come out or start having a love life with men until he was 30 when he was cast as a gay man in a play
  • — Lozenge: Keith's dad believes Harvey Fierstein's voice comes from swallowing cum
  • — Unplanned: Tom's mom figured out he was gay when he went to a gay bar, and a friend of his asked him questions for hours to get comfortable with it
  • — Your Process: Tom is dating a comic who is 20 years younger
  • — Playing With Girls: Keith won the bowling etiquette forum poll with 75% of the vote
  • — Public Figure: A KATG fan recognized Chemda when she went bowling, and another recognized Ben Lerman after almost hitting him with a bike
  • — Push: Alec Baldwin hit a paparazzo who provoked him
  • — Special Stupid Jail: A former cop was arrested for continuously shoplifting at an Apple Store while being their security guard
  • — Duh Weekly: 11 infants were confirmed to have been infected with herpes by rabbis getting their oral tradition on
  • — The Tickle Monster: The last of Jerry Sandusky's accusers gave their testimony in court


Tom SteffenTom Steffen

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