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Alan Starzinski

Comedian and improviser who played a murder victim on Forensic Files.
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KATG 1633: Dick-fil-A-nus

You have a nice ass, and I'm gonna do something about it. August 2, 2012

Show Notes

  • — He's Gay: Keith recorded a new My Name Is Keith featuring Keith McNally
  • — Whatever: Alan Starzinski is an improv coach, but his skills don't measure up to Keith's
  • — 100,000 Condoms: The Olympic divers with silly faces were photoshopped onto toilets
  • — LGBT Fellowship: Yesterday was Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day in case you weren't feeling homophobic enough
  • — Too Many Freedoms: Neo-Nazis and conservative blacks found common ground over their hatred of gay people and their mutual love of chicken
  • — Spyware: The Pentagon's missile defense agency warned its employees and contractors to stop looking at porn on government computers
  • — Splinter: Brennan Lee Mulligan lives in downtown NYC's rat-infested Ryders Alley
  • — Bird Rights: A 737 got a hole in its nose after running into a hawk
  • — Give Me The Money: Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. pushed a female bartender in New Orleans twice
  • — Check This Out: Alan played a guy who was choked and stabbed on Forensic Files and met a friend of the victim
  • — Chinatown: An Army sergeant was found guilty of racial hazing that led to the suicide of his subordinate

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