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Ilana Glazer

Comedian and writer known for her Comedy Central series Broad City.
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Classics 7: Sister Wife

with Ilana Glazer and Eliot Glazer December 30, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Hulk Mode: Eliot Glazer's sister Ilana Glazer of Broad City enjoyed seeing Keith lose his shit over the sound
  • — Lost And Alone: No one wants to have their own kids anymore
  • — Cage: Keith married Ben and TJ but recently got an invitation to their wedding
  • — Wrestling A Bear: Pussy Riot, a Russian punk rock band, was arrested for being hooligans after an anti-Putin performance
  • — Riled Up: Madonna was sued by Russian activists for liking gay people
  • — How Can You Say No: The wife of a victim of the 1972 Black September murders was turned away when she asked the Olympics board to honor the dead
  • — Nice Italian Dinner: Eliot is a fan of the way Mary Jo Buttafuoco handles being shot in the face
  • — Everybody's Gay: Eliot and Ilana have a retarded friend who thinks piano players can't be gay
  • — Extra Boomerangs: An Australian political ad called the rival candidate a jerk-off
  • — Inoperable: Tony Scott, director of Top Gun, jumped to his death at age 68
  • — Zingers: Phyllis Diller died in her sleep at age 95
  • — Mix Tapes: Nicki Minaj will most likely be a judge on American Idol
  • — Attention Span: Keith isn't a fan of Lenny Bruce
  • — Eeehhhhh: Eliot, Ilana, and Chemda are on their best behavior in restaurants to make up for being Jewish

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