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Tess Paras

Actor and comedian known for her appearances on Law & Order and White Collar, and for hosting the web talk show “Dirty Talk Daily.”
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KATG 1647: Non-Negotiable

Well, definitely we're not gonna get a blowjob if we kill her. September 5, 2012

Show Notes

  • — It's Phallic: Prolific actress Tess Paras appeared on Weeds and was starstruck meeting Mary Louise Parker
  • — Walking Down The Street: Keith and Tess get their improv on
  • — Meat Distributer: Chemda is a terrible salesperson, so sign up for KATG VIP
  • — Time Travel Machine: Keith and a listener share their experiences of girlfriends with sleep amnesia
  • — Too Fit: Michael Clarke Duncan of The Green Mile fame died, and a news agency mixed him up with Terry Crews
  • — Technically: A listener found scientific evidence that space is dumb
  • — Water Damage: Chemda's phone is funked up after spending too much time in her bra
  • — Now We're Talking: Keith reenacts Tess' Crystal Light commercial
  • — I Value You: Keith got a Yahoo Toolbar virus and Chemda ignored him out of kindness
  • — For Your Sweetheart: A jewelry shop is giving away free guns to customers
  • — Town To Town: Keith did not enjoy The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • — Keeping It: Dan Allen got married two months ago and Keith made abortion jokes about his impending baby
  • — A Little Ridiculous: Listeners were evenly divided over whether or not there should be a new Civil War
  • — Vote For This Guy: Keith can't stand Tom Cotter on America's Got Talent
  • — Frontrunner: Tess hosts a show called Dirty Talk Dating and doesn't know what to say about her own love life
  • — Kansas Or Something: Chemda met Danny's dad who turned out to be a big fan of the show


Tess ParasTess Paras

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