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KATG 1648: A Thousand Years of Darkness

Half of this room is paid for by me, not by your dick. September 6, 2012

Show Notes

  • — 100% Good Time Fun: Scott Sigler introduced Keith and Chemda to his publishing agent; A B Kovacs' parents were hippies and named her A B as a placeholder
  • — Taint: Danny Hatch and his dad saw the Spider-Man musical and were let down
  • — Children's Section: There aren't enough bookstores for signing tours
  • — Where The Party Is: Everyone is tired of the ever-growing world of social networking
  • — Mythos: Chuck Norris and his wife predict that Obama's re-election will bring 1,000 years of darkness
  • — Director Of Doom: People rarely assume Scott and A are married despite the fact that he's a man and she's a woman
  • — Blue Team: Keith was moved by Bill Clinton's speech, a gay veteran confronted Mitt Romney, and Brooklyn Representative Yvette Clarke demonstrated a lack of historical education on The Colbert Report
  • — Peanut Butter D-Cup: Ben & Jerry's sued porn studio Ben & Cherry's
  • — Rainbow Coalition: Keith shares funny wifi network names from around the city

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