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Chris Laker

Comedian best known for hosting the podcasts The Show with Chris Laker and his album Moments Of Greatness.
Chris Laker has been on 26 shows

KATG 3528: God, Dad, and Steve Harvey w/ Chris Laker

KATG veteran Chris Laker joins KATG to help discuss why Chris stopped smoking weed, Keith and his dad reconnecting after 2 years, and what Keith sees in his dad that’s also in British pedophile Jimmy Savile. Also, Chris found God thanks to Steve Harvey. April 20, 2022

Show Notes

  • — Why Chris Laker just stopped smoking weed
  • — Jaden Smith would rather you discussed the political and economic state of the world
  • — Keith and his dad reconnect after 2 years
  • — Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story reviewed
  • — Chris Laker found God thanks to Steve Harvey


Chris LakerChris Laker

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