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Kirstie Wolf

Danny's ex-girlfriend.
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KATG 1668: Sexual Weirdness Guaranteed

It started bleeding every time she got horny. October 12, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Keith's Justice: Keith literally stepped in dog shit last night
  • — This Is Real: Danny's girlfriend Kirstie actually exists
  • — We're' Not Fuckin' Together: Danny played the 1-10 Game with Kirstie outside of Keith's laboratory
  • — Ego Death: Danny and Kirstie share the misery of their relationship
  • — Keep Making Lefts: Danny ran around Chemda's house and flicked off a road sign
  • — Not Allowed To Cry: Lauren got nasal surgery and Chemda got stories
  • — Big Cry: Keith reviews the candidates' performances from the VP debate
  • — On The Way Out: Chemda's brother Michael very nearly bought dinner for Bill and Hillary Clinton
  • — So Tiny: Keith banned Cat from using frowny faces on the phone
  • — Close The Loop: Keith enjoys Ben Affleck's directing, Batman is still scary for the wrong reasons, and Danny loves Looper
  • — It's A Jungle Out There: Lindsay Lohan is going through a rough patch with her parents
  • — Show Title: The Octomom's children are molesting each other
  • — Pee Pee, OH: Keith found a bunch of U.S. cities with beyond ridiculous names

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