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Jani Lane

Late singer and songwriter known for fronting Warrant.
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KATG 157: Jani Lane

Good for you you got fat. October 18, 2005

Show Notes

  • — Suck It: Today is Sukkot, a Jewish holiday where you have to live in a tent
  • — Pimp My Daughter: A Russian mother/daughter team is suing an MTV reality show for misrepresenting them when they agreed to appear
  • — Blood, Sweat, And Beers: Jani Lane joins the show for an interview about Warrant's glory days, Celebrity Fit Club, sobriety, his new tour, and more
  • — Grandmothers Against War: 18 grandmas were arrested for disorderly conduct for surrounding an Army recruitment office and demanding they be sent to Iraq in lieu of their grandchildren
  • — Paint Misbehavin': Keith and Chemda spray-painted their logo on the wall of a bar and got caught by the police
  • — Whack Whack: Keith killed the mouse that's been plaguing them for awhile
  • — Rocky Balboa: Rocky 6 was announced, with the shocking news that Rocky's wife Adrian is dead and will not be appearing in it


Jani LaneJani Lane

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