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Ben Roy

Comedian known for his work with Grawlix, including their TruTV series Those Who Can't.
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KATG 1686: Hardcore the Vote

If you make one bad comment, the kid gets hit. My son gets hit. November 8, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Jittery: Colorado and Washington State have legalized marijuana
  • — Evanescence Is Relevant: Comedian Ben Roy is covered in trendy tattoos from his emotional youth
  • — Greyout: Ben quit drinking to be a better father and husband
  • — Not Well: Ben tried to help JFOD during his last manic episode
  • — Certified NYC Girl: Ben and Keith compete for least important home town
  • — Carfax For People: Keith's female high school classmates seem addicted to plastic surgery
  • — Hot: Florida still hasn't counted all its votes
  • — For Real Magic: Mormon men aren't allowed to be left alone with a woman
  • — Drooling On Themselves: Keith voted awkwardly this year
  • — Man vs. Machine: 51% of registered voters participated in the last election
  • — Fuck With My Flag: 68% of listeners think Puerto Rico should be a state
  • — Tide Car: Irish ambulances are sponsored by Guinness
  • — HUAR: Cat ordered food and got two extra meals due to a computer error
  • — Not A Good Time: 3 gunmen gave up on a robbery when their Chinese victims couldn't understand their demands. Keith and Ben swap robbery stories.
  • — Hurt My Feelings: KATG forums comments have real-world consequences for guests


Ben RoyBen Roy

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