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Gary Gulman

Comedian best known for his appearances on Last Comic Standing and Dane Cook's Tourgasm.
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KATG 2394: HaLOL

with Gary Gulman – Gary’s football career; video game sportsmanship; food expiration dates; Middle Eastern humor; employee with Anti-Trump hat receives death threats; gay pastor lies about receiving a homophobic slur on his Whole Foods’ cake; woman follows GPS into the lake; mailmen caught dumping mail in garbage cans and rivers; Bill Cosby will stand trial for indecent assault May 25, 2016

Show Notes

  • — The Early Show: Gary Gulman, who we last saw 24 hours ago, is in studio
  • — Rage Quitting: Gary was once a college football player, but he quit after he found he didn’t have the heart to tackle another player. Nowadays he gets his competitive fix playing Tetris. The gang discusses poor sportsmanship in video games.
  • — Smell Test: Keith and Chemda involve Gary in their expiration date war
  • — No Problem: Keith had a bad experience at the good halal cart, which reminds Chemda of her father. Gary always feels like he’s a burden on food service employees whenever he tries to buy food.
  • — America Was Never Great: A woman has received death threats after wearing an anti-Donald Trump hat to work
  • — Love Wins Fag: A gay pastor in Austin, TX apologized for lying about receiving a cake from Whole Foods with a homophobic slur. Gary shares his foolproof Whole Foods scam.
  • — Glug Glug: While following her GPS’s directions, a woman accidentally drove straight into a lake
  • — Special Delivery: A mailman in Washington D.C. threw 25 bags of mail in the river when he became overwhelmed by the work, echoing similar incidents in New York City. Keith talks about the postal worker test class scam he fell for.
  • — Far From Finished: Bill Cosby will have to stand trial for indecent assault. Parts of his deposition from an earlier civil case were released, where he admitted that he drugged and had sexual contact with teenagers.


Gary GulmanGary Gulman

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