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Dan Goodman

Comedian known for creating the film Skinja and hosting the comedy/pole dancing show Shtick a Pole in It.
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KATG 2315: 2016 47-Hour Marathon: Piss Play

with Kevin Allison, Billy Procida, and Dan Goodman - Kevin's Asian and urine conquests; urethra and bug play; Chemda's lap dancing skills; shoestring play; proper anal sex preparation; sex on a burning bed February 3, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Yellow Fever: Kevin talks about hooking up with an Asian conquest and drinking an entire bottle of the man’s piss
  • — You Basically Dildo The Urethra: Billy talks about the types of sex that he is not a fan of
  • — Pinchy, Stingy, Munchy Bugs: Kevin ups the gross-out sexual talk ante once again
  • — Movin’ On Up: Dan Goodman, who now owns a piece of Manhattan with JoAnna Ross, joins the show
  • — It Was Very Extra Good: Chemda talks about giving Lauren a lap dance
  • — That Is A Tightly-Wound Ball: Kevin shows off a picture of his balls (and, incidentally, dick) all tied up in a Doc Marten shoe
  • — Going In Dry: Kevin, who took alcohol out of his life, discusses proper anal sex preparation
  • — Inflamed Pubic Region: Dan once had sex on a bed that was on fire

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