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Author of Burn Down the Ground: A Memoir, and owner and operator of Q.E.D.
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KATG 2816: Arm in Arm

with Katharine Heller and Kambri Crews – Arming yourself, protecting minorities, saving schools, and the NRA; a MAGA dating site; Game Night and Annihilation reviewed February 26, 2018

Show Notes

  • — L’Chaim: Beth shows off her new tattoo: KATG Tattoo #147
  • — The Best Offence Is A Good Defense: Katharine Heller and Kambri Crews join the gang to discuss the best ways to arm yourself against sexual assaulters, protect minorities, and save schools
  • — Arm the Children: Multiple deputies outside of the school shooting in Coral Springs, Florida refused to enter the building and defend the children against shooter Nikolas Cruz
  • — Kids These Days: The gang discusses teenage activists and the NRA’s hold on the government. Donald Trump claims that if he was at the Florida school at the time, he would have went in to defend the children, with or without a weapon.
  • — Make America Date Again: There’s a new dating site that is specifically for Trump supporters. The man they chose to put on their splash page happens to be a convicted child sex offender.
  • — Movie Night: Black Panther is cleaning up at the box office. Keith reviews Game Night and Annihilation.

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