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KATG 2336: Embarrassing

with Kevin Barnett – Ass-play and the presidential candidates; Ben Carson says Obama isn’t really black; Bill O’Reilly loses custody; 18-year-old fake senator; 18-year-old fake doctor; hoverboard explosions and Russell Crowe’s ire; 40% of molly contains “bath salts”; 16-year-old realizes ISIS isn’t her thing (twice); Subway to correct the size of their Footlongs; Pope Francis allows contraceptives may be used in Zika virus areas; man kills sex partner with a cucumber March 3, 2016

Show Notes

  • — He’s Still The Same: Kevin Barnett, a very positive person, is in studio
  • — Baby Steps: Kevin’s mother is starting to come to terms with her son’s success in a field she doesn’t approve of, but Kevin still won’t accept her Facebook friend request
  • — 2 PlayStations: Kevin discusses his relationship with his girlfriend (who lives a block away)
  • — Up Yours: 78% of KATG’s audience, including Keith ‘Miles Davis’ Malley (but not Kevin or Chemda), has inserted something in their own ass
  • — Honorary White Man: Ben Carson thinks he will be the first black president because he considers Obama to be white
  • — Weekend Dad: Bill O’Reilly, whose daughter claims he witnessed seeing him drag her mother down the stairs by her neck, has lost custody of his children
  • — Kids These Days: An 18-year-old is facing felony fraud charges after posing as a senator and giving a talk at a high school. Another 18-year-old was charged with impersonating a doctor multiple times.
  • — Sorry Russell Crowe: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has declared hoverboards unsafe after receiving reports of 52 hoverboard fires from Dec. 1 to Feb. 17
  • — The War On Drugs: According to an NYU study, 40% of people who thought they were taking pure MDMA were actually taking a cocktail of 'bath salts'
  • — Swedish Meatbrain: A 16-year-old Swedish girl joined ISIS only to discover it wasn’t quite her tempo
  • — The Second Biggest Subway Scandal: After being sued, Subway has until May 30 to make their Footlong sandwiches an actual foot long
  • — God’s Will: The Pope says people at risk of contracting the baby head-shrinking Zika virus can use contraceptives if they must
  • — He’s In A Real Pickle: A German man is facing up to 5 years in prison after his mistress choked to death on a mushy cucumber while he left her unattended. Keith and Kevin are convinced he killed her on purpose, while Chemda thinks he’s just an innocent kinky person.


Kevin BarnettKevin Barnett

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