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Sean L. McCarthy

Journalist best known as the founder and editor of The Comic's Comic.
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KATG 1733: The Comic's Comic

So that you don't get sued you always have to say the money will go to charity, but I did offer to fight him and punch him in the neck. February 26, 2013

Show Notes

  • — The Finger Games: Jennifer Lawrence gave everybody at the Oscars the finger after tripping on the way to accept her Best Actress award
  • — End of the World: Keith's letter from his dad wasn't to get Keith to rejoin the Catholic Church, it was to get Keith to help shill Father Malley's new book
  • — Expert Opinion: Sean L. McCarthy of The Comic's Comic thinks Mark Twain is the best comedian living or dead, and that apologizing for jokes is a dangerous trend
  • — Broken Man: Sean hasn't been in a regular relationship in 8 years and doesn't masturbate regularly
  • — Change of Pace: Sean interviews Keith and Chemda about the history of KATG as a way to commemorate the show's 8-year anniversary

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