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Comedian known for creating and starring in the web series The Undone Sweaters.
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KATG 2516: The Man Without a Country

with Andrew Short — Alyssa Limperis co-hosts: Trouble at work; the non-exaggerated parallel between Trump and Hitler; how tattoos warn us; dead bodies in your hotel room; the largest ever child porn bust; breaking car windows to free dogs; legally punching Martin Shkreli; Arrival reviewed November 17, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Floor 16 vs. Floor 15: Andrew Short is in studio with Guest Host Alyssa Limperis, who got in trouble at work today
  • — Hitler II: Donald Trump has softened on The Wall and prosecuting Hillary Clinton while he still wants pro-lifers on the high court, plans to deport 2 million people, and hired a white supremacist chief adviser. A New York Times article about Hitler from the 1920s offers eerie parallels to Trump’s rise. Andrew’s fiancée’s father was born in Ireland and Andrew is seriously considering leaving America after he gets married.
  • — Family First: A Florida man with a ‘family’ tattoo on his forehead was arrested for pulling a gun on his younger sister after she destroyed the ecstasy in his pants pocket by washing his pants. As a reminder, 92% of KATG’s audience thinks Keith’s free Nazi tattoo idea is brilliant. A man in Montana was jailed for a month for repeatedly raping his 12-year-old daughter.
  • — Fin De Semana En De Bernie: A dead body wrapped in plastic laid underneath a bed in a used Mexican hotel room for a week
  • — Sector 69: A New Jersey man is the record-holder for the largest-ever child pornography bust, with 325,000 images and videos recovered. 0% of the audience thinks Jessie Jolles’s solution for ending pedophilia is better than Keith’s Westworld idea or keeping things as-is.
  • — Who Let The Dogs Out: California has signed into law a bill that protects people from the legal consequences of smashing hot car windows to free animals
  • — Punching The Clown: Martin Shkreli is auctioning off a chance to punch him in the face
  • — Eh Out Of 10: Keith reviews Arrival. Bear in mind that he hates science and despises aliens.

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