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DJ Quad

Quadriplegic who runs hot and cold with Keith and The Girl.
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KATG 50: DJ Quad

When did you become retarded? May 11, 2005

Show Notes

  • — Bowling Boo Boo: Keith and Chemda went bowling for a friend's birthday, and Keith hurt his finger
  • — Keithlock Holmes: Keith and Chemda call DJ Quad, a listener of the show, who Keith figured out is a quadriplegic
  • — Crunch Time: DJ Quad dove off a dock into water that he didn't realize was about 3 feet deep, which is how he became quadriplegic
  • — Munch Time: DJ Quad needs help for some basic functions, but he can have still have sex and jerk off, which is all that matters
  • — Mythbusted: Keith has been watching Penn and Teller's television show, Bullshit, and learning about the world
  • — When It Rains, It Porns: People finding your porn collection is pretty bad, but people finding your porn collection and your sticky bottle of lube is as bad as it gets
  • — Fame Whore: Keith will fuck anybody, as long as they're a celebrity


DJ QuadDJ Quad

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