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Sara Taylor

Comedian and actress best known as a member of the Harvard Sailing Team sketch group.
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KATG 1756: Harvard Sailing Team

I guarantee he brought Elmo into bed. April 3, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Prestige: Sara Taylor and Clayton Early of the Harvard Sailing Team are in studio, but they're actually a sketch group and not really sailors
  • — Boyfriends: Keith has a clever trick you can use to find out if someone is homosexual
  • — Brought To You By The Number 5: The Harvard Sailing Team produced a series of videos for Sesame Street and a 5th person has come out as a victim of Kevin Clash
  • — Amen, Hymen: Sarah stopped believing in God at 21, which enabled her to lose her virginity
  • — Grainus Andronicus: William Shakespeare was a loan shark who hoarded grain during famines
  • — Your Number Is Up: Vonage is petitioning to allow other states access to the NYC-only 212 area code
  • — Best Friends: Keith suggests Danny Hatch look into moving into a homeless shelter
  • — Oklahoma...OKAIDS: A Tulsa, Oklahoma-based dentist is responsible for poor office conditions that led to 7,000 patients being advised to test for HIV and hepatitis
  • — Deathtime Achievement: When someone dies, do they automatically deserve respect for a period of time? 84% of the audience says no.

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