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Craig Gass

Comedian and impressionist best known for his appearances on Family Guy.
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KATG 1766: Full of Gass

I can't believe this is a thing! This is what's gonna make the YouTube fuckin' clip of course! April 26, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Abstract Impressionism: Craig Gass, whose celebrity impersonations delight Keith to no end, is in studio
  • — I Gass We Hooked Up: Craig is adamant that he and Chemda slept together
  • — I Can't Do This: Craig's first time performing comedy went very poorly and came back to haunt him at other public speaking engagements
  • — I'm The Christopher Walken Guy: Craig made an enemy out of Jay Mohr after Jay saw his Christopher Walken impression
  • — Enter Funnyman: Craig used the power of his impressions to trick Lars Ulrich over the phone, which led him opening for Metallica
  • — Raised By TV: Craig was raised by deaf parents and learned how to talk by mimicking the voices of characters he heard on TV
  • — Gone Skiing: Craig had a heart attack because of rampant cocaine use which led to him adopting a sober lifestyle
  • — Closed Mic: The gang offer advice to up-and-coming comics


Craig GassCraig Gass

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