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Taylor Ketchum

Comedian and host of the Hot Crowd comedy show in NYC.
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KATG 2126: Marital AIDS

With Taylor Ketchum – Comics on Tinder; Taylor’s final break-up; comparing real life to Boyhood; New England Patriots deny football tampering January 29, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Ha Ha Ha: Taylor Ketchum, who just matched up with Andrea Allan on Tinder, is in studio
  • — I Saw It Coming, You Son Of A Bitch: Taylor and his fiancée broke up again, this time for good
  • — When He's 30, We Can Be Friends: Keith and Taylor discuss Boyhood and how Taylor’s life was similar
  • — Many, Many Times: Taylor dropped out of college because he thought he had AIDS, but his symptoms were just from cocaine use, which his mom helped him realize
  • — The Testicles On Them: The New England Patriots obviously used deflated footballs, despite Tom Brady and Bill Belichick's denials
  • — The Kid's Here: Keith helps Taylor get back in the dating game

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