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Burt Paseos

Gravelly-voiced comic who used to run with Keith and Chemda during the Surf Reality days.
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KATG 1775: Movers and Shakers

Just so you know, you're the worst, and you need to get your shit together. May 9, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Batman Himself: Burt Paseos, who met Keith and Chemda during the Surf Reality days, is in the studio
  • — Midol PM: Burt has a medical marijuana card for insomnia, because that's the hardest lie to to prove wrong
  • — Chemda Breaks It Down: Keith invited Burt to be on Keith and The Girl way back when the show was brand new but Burt thought he was crazy for doing a podcast
  • — Flying High: Burt used to enjoy cocaine and offers listeners some tips and tricks on how to properly do cocaine
  • — One Of Us: Burt's Filipino background has gotten him into some sticky racial situations, sometimes with people of Asian descent
  • — Death To America: Burt did stand-up with The Iron Sheik at Caroline's and then ran into The Iron Sheik years later at a club
  • — Troubadour: Men are 17% more likely to get a date if they're carrying a guitar


Burt PaseosBurt Paseos

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