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Jeffrey Gurian

Dentist, comedian, and comedy writer best known for his book Make 'Em Laugh and his appearances on The Ron and Fez Show.
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KATG 2078: Lovin' Beats Hatin'

With Jeffrey Gurian – Sanity vs. insanity; empathy; Ardie Fuqua medical update; Aaron Lewis flubs The Star-Spangled Banner after chastising Christina Aguilera; Is Iggy Azalea offensive to black people?; new McDonald's slogan; KATG on Ron and Fez October 29, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Comedy Club Kid: Jeffrey Gurian, who knows everything and everyone in comedy, is in studio
  • — The Spoon Repair Business: Whether it’s his current nonsensical spoon collection or when he was a teenager that deliberately acted crazy in public, Jeffrey talks about the times he’s flirted with insanity
  • — The Whistleblower: Jeffrey and his wife of 12 years divorced because he whistled out of discomfort every time she tried to talk to him
  • — It's All In Your Head: Chemda and Jeffrey both feel other peoples' emotions very strongly, which they had to learn to either block or utilize as a strength. 67% of the audience doesn't believe Keith's problems are psychosomatic.
  • — Everything Happens For A Reason: Jeffrey updates everyone on Ardie Fuqua's condition and love life after the Tracy Morgan tour bus crash. The gang talks about near-death experiences.
  • — Twilight's Last Reaming: Staind's Aaron Lewis flubbed singing The Star-Spangled Banner at the World Series after he called out Christina Aguilera for ruining the same song.
  • — Inauthentic: Is white rapper Iggy Azalea trying to act black? Is it offensive?
  • — I'm Hatin' It: McDonald's announced its new slogan: Lovin' Beats Hatin'
  • — It's A Little Odd, Jeffrey: Keith and Chemda's honesty when they were guests on The Ron and Fez Show shocked Jeffrey

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