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Patrick Carlin

Author, comic, lifelong hippie and brother of the late George Carlin.
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Classics 10: Who Fuckin' Knows

with Patrick Carlin January 2, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Hippie: Patrick Carlin, who isn't dead, is in studio
  • — Juvie: Patrick's bad boy streak started when he was a toddler and continued through school, the Air Force, and up to this day
  • — Sibling Pride: Patrick and his younger brother George were close together growing up after escaping with their mother from an alcoholic, abusive father
  • — Dry Carlin: Patrick blew a .24 after being pulled over for drunk driving, which led him to stop drinking
  • — WWW: Patrick doesn't know if he's on The Internet, but he has a website and adds people on Facebook
  • — Holy Matrimony: Patrick and his wife of 56 years got married on Holy Saturday after scaring the priest with tales of living in sin
  • — Necrophilia: Patrick is 81-years-old but still has sex, because what is he gonna do, not have sex?
  • — Content: Patrick isn't envious of his brother's success

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