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Jon Fisch

Comedian who has appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice and a whole slew of parking tickets.
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KATG 2505: PlentyOfFisch

with Jon Fisch – Ophira Eisenberg co-hosts: Ophira’s 1-year-old; working as a mental health counselor; Did Ray DeVito and Dan Allen make up?; health care and Keith’s knees; Jon’s Celebrity Apprentice report; psychopathic comedians and sociopathic spouses; back hair; dating apps November 2, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Ophira Heart Surgery: Jon Fisch is in studio with spleen-less Guest Host Ophira Eisenberg
  • — Did You Name Him?: Ophira’s baby just turned 1. Jon is childless.
  • — Future Career Training: Jon worked as a child mental health counselor in Boston, which has helped him to deal with comedians
  • — Invested: Ray DeVito Liked a picture of Dan Allen on Facebook even though Dan stole from him in the past. Keith doesn’t know if he’s still supposed to be mad at Dan.
  • — White Coat Syndrome: Jon hasn’t been able to do yoga recently because of a sciatica issue, which must be pretty bad because he didn’t even stop after fainting during one class. Keith’s knee doctor is not good at giving clear instructions nor is Jon’s doctor about his HIV results. Ophira clears up misconceptions about Canada’s health care.
  • — Black Shirt Affair: Jon discusses his appearance on Celebrity Apprentice with team leader La Toya Jackson
  • — The Righteous ‘Path: Jon isn’t surprised whenever he finds comedians reveal themselves to be psychopaths. Ophira’s husband took a BuzzFeed quiz and discovered he was a sociopath.
  • — Wax On, Nair Off: Jon is bald but grows hair everywhere else, including his back, which a lover of his tried to remove with Nair
  • — Bumbling Around: Jon is 43 and single, but Ophira says he's still a player and goes out with plenty of girls. Jon has a whole folder of dating apps on his phone. Jon discusses his hang-ups.

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