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Amber Nelson

Comedian known for her appearance on AXS TV's Gotham Comedy Live and as a member of the sketch group Murderfist.
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KATG 1912: Whip It

with Amber Nelson January 24, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Watch Closely: Amber Nelson, Time Out NY’s Comic to Watch, is in studio
  • — I'm The Funny One, Amber: Amber's mom guerilla-booked herself and Amber to perform variety shows in nursing homes
  • — I Want A Man In Me: Amber's mom most likely propositioned Amber's boyfriend
  • — Whip It: Amber shares horror stories of her birthplace, Saudi Arabia, such as her mom getting whipped in the street for showing ankle and the public executions that surrounded her
  • — Justice Bieber: Justin Bieber was arrested for not only driving but drag racing under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He also resisted arrest, yelling profanities at police officers. He’s 19-years-old.
  • — The Hateful Eight: The script for Quentin Tarantino's upcoming film was leaked, which he will now be depriving the world of
  • — Go Seahalwks: A deaf 9-year-old girl wrote to the deaf fullback for the Seattle Seahawks and received a heartwarming response from the man himself
  • — Game Over: Keith airs his grievances with Forza 5
  • — Wrong Direction: A member of One Direction is in trouble for tweeting his support for Duck Dynasty's 'family values;' the latest star of The Bachelor thinks a gay Bachelor would be too 'perverted'
  • — Abort! Abort!: A brain-dead woman is being kept alive against her and her family's wishes because of the (deformed) fetus in her womb
  • — Sickos: The gang discusses healthcare and how normal people simply can't afford it
  • — Notable: The horror movie featuring Keith was included in a book about horror movies; Amber is featured in an upcoming horror comedy film


Amber NelsonAmber Nelson

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