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Ann Enzminger

Musician best known as A Brief View of the Hudson's lead singer.
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Hang 60: Ann Enzminger and Nick Nace

Hang out with Myq hanging out with Ann Enzminger and Nick Nace. April 28, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Consortium: Myq welcomes Ann Enzminger and Nick Nace, of the band A Brief View of the Hudson, to the show
  • — Sing To Your Friends: Nick and Ann are the house band for Liam McEneaney's show Tell Your Friends, which is how Myq met them
  • — Two Brief Histories: Nick and Ann talk about their comings of age and introductions to performing, in places as diverse as Canada and Texas
  • — Goldmine: The band plays a song from their album, Querencia, about Nick's vagina
  • — Oh, Canada: Ann is a daughter of the American Revolution, as is Nick, but his family left the country once income tax was implemented
  • — Access Granted: Myq's mother knows he has a podcast but doesn't yet know how to 'access' it
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