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Ben Kissel

Comedian, Fox News producer and recurring guest, comedian and host of The Last Podcast on the Left.
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Hang 59: Ben Kissel and John Knefel

Hang out with Myq hanging out with Ben Kissel and John Knefel. April 21, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — This Is A Podcast!: Myq welcomes Ben Kissel and John Knefel to the studio
  • — Black Suit: John participated in Black Friday when he was home visiting his family for Thanksgiving, because he needed a suit jacket
  • — Young Guns: John briefly taught poetry to Kindergarteners, which is a heroic undertaking and would have been much easier if he had a gun
  • — Large And In Charge: Dan has a phobia of having a daughter with a taller woman, because being tall is a very hard life for a woman
  • — Live Hard And Die Free: The gang talks about various religious beliefs and burial processes
  • — Beerboarding: The gang comes up with a new method of torture
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