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Rachel Dratch

Comedian and actress best known for her appearances on Saturday Night Live and The King of Queens.
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Hang 57: Live from WICF Maria Bamford and Rachel Dratch

Hang out with Myq hanging out with Maria Bamford and Rachel Dratch live from Boston during the Women In Comedy Festival '12! April 14, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — The Clap: Myq and the audience at The Improv Asylum in Boston welcome Maria Bamford and Rachel Dratch to the first LIVE episode of Hang Out With Me
  • — Is That The Light?: Maria treats dating like open mic-ing — she just keeps going up again and again; Rachel isn't married but has a child and a baby daddy
  • — Monogam-ish: The gang talks about open marriages and relationships, which Myq is a big advocate of
  • — Life Is A Bad Trip: Maria can't trust her brain chemistry, so she doesn't do mushrooms
  • — Queens Of Comedy: Maria and Rachel talk about how they started their comedy careers, coming from a stand-up and an improv background, respectively
  • — The Special Special Special: Maria talks about her latest comedy special, whose only audience consists of her parents
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