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Jim O'Grady

WNYC's transportation reporter who has also appeared on This American Life and The Moth.
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Hang 56: Diana Spechler and Jim O'Grady

Hang out with Myq hanging out with Diana Spechler and Jim O'Grady. April 10, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — This Is A Podcast Room: Myq welcomes Diana Spechler and Jim O'Grady to the studio
  • — Spot=Blown Up: Diana is a writer and bathrobe lady whose book Myq didn't actually finish; Jim is also a writer and a reporter and a real human being
  • — This Is A Real Mustache: Jim is perplexed by the decorations in Williamsburg, where he lives
  • — Not That Kind Of Moth: Jim and Diana talk about the journalism careers and lament the fact that they've never won an actual moth as an award
  • — Paramour Parameters: Myq talks about how he came to get to know Jim and Diana
  • — Wordplayed Out: Myq finds that he inspires people around him to engage in wordplay, with is either a blessing or a curse
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