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Ryan Singer

Comedian who was a regional finalist in Comedy Central's Open Mic Fight.
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KATG 1858: Shape-Shifter

with Ryan Singer October 15, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Preaching To The Singer: Ryan Singer, who is impressed with Good Clean Fun's performance on iTunes, is in studio
  • — Animal Time With Keith Malley: 12% of KATG's listeners still keep their pets even though they are allergic to them
  • — Time Is Tickin': Ryan has always been interested in starting a family
  • — The Too Sooner State: A very bloody, very realistic-looking Halloween decoration in Oklahoma City is unsettling neighbors
  • — Making Bank(sy): Banksy sold some of his original art pieces in Central Park, worth 6-figures, for $60 each
  • — God Complex: An HIV-positive Catholic priest offered a park ranger $50 to help get him off
  • — Rich Glitch: A Wal-Mart in Louisiana was cleaned out by a group of people who went on a shopping spree after discovering their EBT balances were unlimited
  • — Oops: An NYPD officer was filmed flipping off a Mister Softee vendor and telling him to blow her
  • — Bent Out Of Shape: Ryan once dated a rocket scientist who could shape-shift. He is completely serious.


Ryan SingerRyan Singer

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