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Alison Rosen

Comedian and co-host of The Adam Carolla Show.
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Hang 6: Alison Rosen and Jeffrey Reddick

Alison Rosen and Jeffrey Reddick hang out with Myq. October 17, 2012

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Show Notes

  • — Greetings, Et Cetera: Myq hangs out with Alison Rosen and Jeffery Reddick for a special LA edition of his podcast
  • — Jesus Loves You Best: Alison worked as an aide at Vacation Bible School, despite being an atheist, and learned questioned the logical fallacy of Christ's love
  • — Sponsored By Hulu: Myq is amazed at the availability of most TV shows and still remembers a time when not catching the live airing of a show meant you truly missed out
  • — James Sock, Mrs. Painter and Dr. Smiley Walked Into A Bar: Names are the best, and they're even more the best when they ironically match up with peoples' professions
  • — Morning Of The Living: Jeffery Reddick is a horror screenwriter who created Final Destination and an ill-fated reboot of Dawn of the Dead
  • — Maybe Scream?: The gang discusses the meaning behind horror movies and try to figure out which one Alison can handle
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