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Sara Benincasa

Writer and comedian known for her books Great and Agorafabulous!: Dispatches From My Bedroom.
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KATG 2272: Merry Christmas

with Sara Benincasa – How to write for young adults; agoraphobia and mental illness; New Jersey bans bestiality; 90-year-old sued $250,000 for sexual harassment; Starbucks’ controversial holiday cups November 12, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Young Adult: Sara Benincasa, author of cancer-free books for adults both young and old, is in studio
  • — I Take So Much Prozac: Sara discusses her agoraphobia and panic attacks
  • — A Real Cut-Up: Danny Hatch joins the show to relate to Sara’s mental illness and talk about his own
  • — DC Trip: New Jersey has officially banned bestiality, but there are still 10 states that allow it
  • — A Different Time: A 90-year-old Manhattan businessman received a record-breaking $250,000 fine for sexually harassing his employee with his amazing sense of humor
  • — Tall Order: Christians think Starbucks’ new solid red holiday cups are trying to take the Merry out of Christmas, but not if Donald Trump has anything to say about it

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