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Erin Judge

Comedian best known for her appearances on Last Comic Standing and Live at Gotham.
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KATG 2456: Window to the Soul

with Erin Judge – Being in a bisexual open relationship while married; 15-year-olds dating 19-year-olds; Erin’s lesbian parents; self-pep talks; the last time you cried; Ryan Lochte’s lost sponsorships and ovulating Olympians; playing Monopoly with Daymond John; Keith’s bathtub evacuations; Indian police constable eats 40 knives; KATG polls August 24, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Not Abbi Crutchfield: Erin Judge, comedian, author, and member of the Pink Collar Comedy Tour, is in studio
  • — Walk The Walk, Fuck The Fuck: Erin has been married and in an open relationship since she was 22
  • — A Simpler Time: Erin discusses the 19-year-olds she dated when she was a 15-year-old cutter
  • — Secrets Are Bad: Erin’s mother left Erin’s father for another woman and made Erin keep it a secret from everyone
  • — Vow Of Celibacy: Erin's new novel is about a woman who decides to become abstinent
  • — You’re Good And I Love You: Erin discusses the pep talks she gives herself in the car
  • — Perpetual Threesome: In addition to her husband, Erin has had a girlfriend for 3 years. Fortunately everyone gets along ‘in a variety of ways.’
  • — Tears For Fears: Erin cries all the time. Keith can’t remember the last time he cried, and he’s saving his tears for Chemda’s tumor until it becomes malignant.
  • — Shut It: Keith and Erin bond over their spouses’ inability to close drawers and cabinets
  • — Bleeding Money: Following Speedo’s lead, more sponsors have dropped Ryan Lochte after his made-up Rio ‘mugging’ incident. The gang discusses Olympians who perform while ovulating.
  • — Plumbing The Depths: While staying at the Gatsby mansion, Keith’s wife Cathryn played Monopoly with the owner of FUBU on his $3,000 board and got a complimentary bidet that broke their toilet just in time for Keith’s flu
  • — Sharp Cheddar: An Indian police constable ate 40 knives because he ‘felt like it and enjoyed the taste’
  • — Working The Polls: 47% of KATG’s audience say they could date a sex worker. 87% believe explicit language should stop being censored on television. 1 listener (who may or may not be Keith) thinks Keith and Chemda together have a chance beating Chaz Kangas in a rap battle.


Erin JudgeErin Judge

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