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Chris Gethard

Comedian and writer best known for his book A Bad Idea I'm About to Do and his television show The Chris Gethard Show.
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KATG 2109: Bad Teacher

With Chris Gethard – Chris discusses his cable access show going Hollywood; Chris’ marriage and future kids; the greatest porn; perverted teachers, dumb schools, and parent/child contracts; marching band; Cards Against Humanity sells literal bullshit; it’s legal to curse at a cop; Sony hackers threaten terrorism; Bill Cosby’s daughter speaks out; Roman Polanski wants to be pardoned December 18, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Honest Answer: Chris Gethard, doing okay, is in studio
  • — Season 2: Chris retooled his public access show after a cable network passed on the pilot for a version of it
  • — She Had On A Dummy Dress: Chris got married in August at a wedding ceremony his wife zip-lined into
  • — Drop Out: Chris wants to have a kid but he’s worried about the world he’s bringing that kid into. He also hopes his future child doesn't waste its time with college.
  • — CFNM: Chris likes porn where the male actors are extremely submissive
  • — This Is Real Shame: After giving her cigarettes and weed, a Brooklyn high school teacher sent one of his underage students an explicit photo of himself over Snapchat, and a Dallas teacher was arrested after he harassed a student into signing a written contract promising good grades for sex, which is more sad than the contracts Keith and Chemda signed with their parents. The director of Ohio State University’s band was fired after the band’s sexual team-building exercises came to light. Keith and Chris discuss their marching band experiences.
  • — More Like Don't Care: A daycare worker killed a 20-month-old after throwing him on the ground and stomping on his stomach 3 times ‘to toughen him up’
  • — Safety, Onside, 2 Points: A grade school football coach got fined after his boys won their football game by too much
  • — Truth In Advertising: 30,000 people bought Cards Against Humanity’s $6 box of literal bullshit
  • — White People With Attitude: A political activist was given $100,000 after being arrested for shouting ‘fuck the police’ and flipping off the cops as she rode by on her bike
  • — This Got Not Fun Real Fast: The hackers behind the Sony leaks threatened to attack screenings of The Interview, and at least 1 major theater chain dropped the movie entirely as its NYC premiere was cancelled. North Korea has denied the attack but called it a ‘righteous deed.’
  • — Just Sayin’: Bill Cosby’s 38-year-old daughter defended her father while also calling his victims’ stories unbelievable because they remember being drugged. Chris’ brother once put on a Bill Cosby album to make out with a girl in his car.
  • — That’s Hollyweird For You: Roman Polanski wants his rape charge pardoned so he can film his new movie in Poland


Chris GethardChris Gethard

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