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Catie Lazarus

ECNY-award winning comedian and writer, best known as the host of the Employee of the Month podcast.
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KATG 2236: Killer Show

with Catie Lazarus – Cathy Mitchell’s dumps; the story of Lazarus; Dubain father allows daughter to drown over religion; being a middle child; The Fat Jew; Jared Fogle and beastiality; Batman shooter receives 12 life sentences plus 3,318 years; ex-employee kills ex-news colleagues live on air; 16-year-old kills mother and holds a party; driving instructors August 27, 2015

Show Notes

  • — So Culturally Aware: Catie Lazarus, who cares about how people pronounce Chemda’s name, is in studio
  • — The Best Dumps In Town: Keith’s friend Cathy Mitchell is not the same Cathy Mitchell that wrote a series of books about dump meals
  • — 100% Jewish: Keith explains the story of the Biblical Lazarus
  • — Du Bye: A woman in Dubai drowned after her father stopped lifeguards from saving her because he didn’t want her purity to be compromised by strange men touching her
  • — National Middle Child Day: Chemda and Catie both have an older and younger brother
  • — Money, Pizza, Respect: After being called out for joke-stealing, Josh ‘The Fat Jew’ Ostrovsky has been dropped by Seamless and Comedy Central. His book deal, however, still stands. Josh considers himself a performance artist who didn’t realize he was plagiarizing when he cropped the source out of the jokes he reposted.
  • — Borderline Immoral: The head of Jared Fogle’s nonprofit charity/child porn ring, who was also into beastiality, tried to kill himself in jail.
  • — Sure Locked Holmes: Batman shooter James Holmes has received 12 life sentences, one for each person he killed, plus an additional 3,318 years in prison
  • — Making Headlines: A disgruntled ex-employee of a news station murdered 2 of his former colleagues live on the air before releasing point-of-view footage of the shooting. He then killed himself.
  • — Stab Party: A 16-year-old who strangled his mother, stabbed her over 100 times with a butcher knife, and then threw a party in the same house will be in jail for 28 years. The gang discusses rehabilitation.
  • — Vehicular Man’s Laughter: Catie went to a comedy driving school to remove points from her license and wasn't allowed to graduate unless she laughed at her instructor’s terrible jokes


Catie LazarusCatie Lazarus

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