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Chris Fairbanks

Comedian and writer best known for his album Fairbanks! and his contributions to Fuel TV's The Daily Habit.
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Hang 25: Howard Kremer and Chris Fairbanks

Hang out with Myq hanging out with Howard Kremer and Chris Fairbanks. December 23, 2012

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Show Notes

  • — Speak Until Spoken To: Myq welcomes Howard Kremer and Chris Fairbanks to the studio to record his podcast
  • — Master Of Pheremonies: Howard has an illustrious career as a rapper and beat-maker and Chris did the artwork for one of his albums
  • — Hang Charts With Me: Howard co-hosts the podcast Who Charted on the Earwolf network, which is like Hang Out With Me but with more charts
  • — The Monster Is Sleeping: The gang shares some of their childhood memories, including a hilariously abusive older brother and a forgetful father
  • — Running A Train: The gang talks about the art of the menage a trios
  • — Voices Carry: Chris has a borderline-schizophrenic moment roughly once a month
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