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Sam Morril

Comedian best known for appearing on Gotham Comedy Live and for hosting the podcast Moonlighting with Sam Morril.
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Hang 40: Sam Morril and Mike Vecchione

Hang out with Myq hanging out with Sam Morril and Mike Vecchione. February 13, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Formerly Greenberg: Myq welcomes Sam Morril and Mike Vecchione to the studio for his show
  • — Family Ties: Sam is half adopted and Mike is no longer on speaking terms with his family
  • — Comedy Brothers: The gang talks about the emotional gamble of opening for more seasoned comedians
  • — Storytell With Me: Sam would like to get more into storytelling, like Mike Birbiglia, instead of just straight-up joke writing, and this leads to a discussion of stand-up comedy writing and craft
  • — Unfriended: Myq likes being friends with his former conquests after they've stopped dating
  • — Catholic Boy: Mike is still Catholic, though he no longer attends Mass
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