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Sean Patton

Comedian known for his appearances on Conan, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and for hosting Esquire's Best Bars in America.
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KATG 2532: Live from The Hole

with Sean Patton – Elephantiasis; OCD-based anxiety; negative feedback; Cornerback Richard Sherman v. Kicker Dan Carpenter’s racist wife December 12, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — What A Year: Sean Patton, whose outlook on 2016 has changed since the last time he was here, is in studio
  • — I Am Sean Patton: Sean shares a name with a lawyer, a singer-songwriter, and a comedy coach. Sean recently got a message from another comedian who claimed Sean had stolen one of his bits.
  • — Chemda Had It Easy: Sean’s late cousin suffered from elephantiasis and died with 25 malignant tumors
  • — Hump Day: Sean suffers from OCD-based anxiety and has lived through panic attacks for all of his life
  • — They’re Not All Gonna Laugh At You: Sean’s Comedy Central Half Hour was the culmination of 10 years of hard work, but it was almost ruined by 1 person on Twitter sending Sean mean tweets as it aired
  • — The Fighter: Sean has gotten his ass kicked so many times that he’s not afraid of it anymore. Sean put out an open call to alt-right trolls on the Internet to come to one of his shows and call him a cuck to his face.
  • — That's Nuts: Kaela Carpenter, wife of Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter, came under fire for a tweet comparing Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman to a slave who needs castration after he injured her husband on the field


Sean PattonSean Patton

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