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Laurie Kilmartin

Comedian and writer best known for her work on Conan and her album, '45 Jokes About My Dead Dad'.
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KATG 3472: Vomit Bucket w/ Laurie Kilmartin

Veteran comedian Laurie Kilmartin celebrates her new album Corset with Keith and Chemda. They also discuss the latest KATG tattoo, Chemda’s brother’s interesting family shout-out, and the latest in world news, including Kyle Rittenhouse’s cry(?) on the stand and the new University of Austin alternative college. November 12, 2021

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Show Notes

  • — Kyle Rittenhouse cries(?) on the stand
  • — Having a child named Brandon during the season of LET’S GO, BRANDON
  • — Laurie Kilmartin’s Corset and childrearing
  • — Anti-vaxx doctors dying of COVID-19
  • — The new University of Austin alternative college

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