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Laurie Kilmartin

Comedian and writer best known for her work on Conan and her album, '45 Jokes About My Dead Dad'.
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KATG 2706: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

with Laurie Kilmartin – Mumbling life’s problems away; being chronically late; stand-up as a single mom; curb-stomping; Trump and Melania visit Texas due to Hurricane Harvey; Nazis are stabbing and macing themselves for attention; Queens' man throws dog off a balcony to win an argument; dead bodies and the MTA September 1, 2017

Show Notes

  • — What A Treat: Laurie Kilmartin is in studio
  • — The Year Of Yeah Yeah Yeah: Keith got into the wrong Uber, and the driver mumbled his way out of the situation
  • — GPS Is Never Wrong: The gang talks about lying and making excuses for being late
  • — The Glass Castle: Laurie makes jokes about her son in her set. The gang talks about how comedians handle material involving their children
  • — Have You Read American History X?: The gang discusses their reactions to the curb-stomping scene in American History X
  • — How About YOU Cheat And See: Laurie discusses generating material constantly and creative drought
  • — His Own Personal Flood: Laurie shares custody of her son with her ex, whom she doesn’t have a good relationship with
  • — Don’t Mess With Texas: Trump made an appearance in Corpus Christi to speak to the people in Houston about hurricane relief efforts. Melania wore her hurricane-proof stilettos.
  • — The Time Of Lying Is Over: Joshua Witt claimed that a self-proclaimed liberal stabbed him in the hand because he looked like a neo-Nazi. Police debunked the story and he quickly admitted he was lying. The gang talks about the stupidity of people who make false allegations in a world filled with cameras. Keith knows how to punish them.
  • — One Strike And You’re Dead: Yuk Cheung has been charged with killing his dog after throwing it off a 7th-floor balcony during an argument with his ex-girlfriend over who would care of it
  • — Bodies In Break Rooms: When dead bodies are retrieved from New York City's subway tracks, they are stored in employee break rooms. The gang talks about the NYC subway system and the morons that work there.

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