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Rachel Feinstein

Comedian best known for appearing on Last Comic Standing and her Comedy Central Half Hour special.
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KATG 2200: Hands Across Uranus

with Rachel Feinstein – Internet bullies; how to get engaged; doctors mock you when you’re under anesthesia; Rachel’s parents; manhunt continues for armed prison escapees June 26, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Mr. Twatwaffle: Rachel Feinstein, who has her share of Internet bullies, is in studio
  • — Trainwreck: Rachel talks about filming her role in Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow’s new movie
  • — Ring Of Fire: The gang discusses engagement stories and how most of them start with one party pissing the other off
  • — Penis Ebola: A man won $500,000 in a medical malpractice suit after catching health care workers making fun of him in a recording he started before going under
  • — Baby Baby: Rachel’s cab driver insisted on rubbing Tiger Balm on Rachel’s forehead to cure her headache
  • — Very Exciting And Titillating: Rachel's mom saw her MTV Movie Awards sketch about masturbating, which she and her 'Circle of Sisters' enjoyed
  • — The Vomitones: Rachel's dad was in a blues band that ceremoniously mooned the crowd at the end of shows, became so obsessed with royalty and vomit that he started dreaming about famous people throwing up on the Queen, and likes to send letters to his friends in character as a boy-raping priest
  • — Looks Like One Of Them Duke Boys Is At It Again: Only a single KATG listener says 'yes' to the Confederate battle flag

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