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Mike Doughty

Singer-songwriter and former frontman of Soul Coughing.
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Hang 65: Barbershop Refrigerator

Myq hangs with Mike Doughty and Tom Shillue on The KATG Network June 3, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Be My Guest: Tom Shillue and Mike Doughty, whose own family pronounces his last name wrong, join Myq in the studio
  • — The Busk Of Times, The Worsk Of Times: Mike released an album consisting solely of songs performed on the subway and Tom knew a street magician who made a six-figure living simply by busking
  • — Musically Inclined: Mike was the lead singer of the band Soul Coughing, Tom has a background in barbershop quartet and Myq got his start performing as a singer-songwriter
  • — Making His Hang Out With Me Debut: Mike performs his song 'Grey Ghost' from his album 'Busking,' live in the studio and Tom analyzes it through a barbershop lens
  • — Shillukebox: Tom is releasing 12 albums in a year and worries he'll be out of material by November
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