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Former Keith and The Girl intern by day, party animal by night.
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KATG 1791: If I Were a Rich Man

Things were very very bad with us to the point where I thought she had poisoned my food that weekend. June 4, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — The Few, The Proud: Zvi Bassan, one of Keith and The Girl's interns, is in studio
  • — Flush The John: Keith and Chemda argue about prostitution and if it could be ever be made into a legal, legitimate business
  • — The Red Wedding: Keith and Zvi discuss the latest shocker of an episode of Game of Thrones, in which a lot of main characters die
  • — Trickster: Zvi figured out he was adopted when he was a toddler by asking his grandmother whether or not he was adopted
  • — Boy Interrupted: Zvi's acting out because of bullying has very serious consequences
  • — Magic Man: Zvi's mother told him his birth father was a different person than he actually was
  • — A Real Good Magnifying Glass: Keith is surprised that students in the 4th grade learn science and asks Zvi about the molecular nature of his desk
  • — Pride Week: Zvi came out to his mother while he was a sophomore in college, and his mother was so upset that he was worried she poisoned his food
  • — Upper West Side: Zvi is in his 30s and lives with his mother ever since losing his job 2 years ago
  • — Highlighter: Zvi likes working for Keith and Chemda despite an impromptu performance review live on the show


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