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Matteo Lane

Comedian and artist best known for his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.
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KATG 2896: Independance Day w/ Matteo Lane

Life, love, and good carbonara; impressions: Evan Williams, Joe Machi, and Wendy Williams; London's Baby Trump blimp; Howard Stern's evolution; James Woods vs. his agent; Trump's deliberate grammar mistakes; top 10 smartest and dumbest states; Joey Chestnut vs. hotdogs; Ghost Adventures and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe; Pride July 6, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Where Does The Muscle End?: Matteo Lane is in studio to talk about his life, his loving relationship, and good carbonara
  • — The Whole Gang Is Here: Matteo treats us to impressions of comedians Evan Williams and Joe Machi and well as celebrities Wendy Williams and Liza Minnelli
  • — Gasbag: A blimp parodying President Donald Trump as a diaper-wearing baby has been given the green light to fly over London as a protest of him visiting the U.K.
  • — Rebranded: Matteo discusses the evolution of Howard Stern and Stern’s take on Donald Trump’s reactions to constant public criticism
  • — America The Brave: Actor James Woods was let go by his manager, Ken Kaplan, because Kaplan felt unpatriotic supporting a bigot
  • — Actual Nazis vs. Grammar Nazis: President Trump took to Twitter to explain how any grammar mistakes he makes are deliberate. The gang discusses the reportedly 10 smartest and 10 dumbest states in the nation.
  • — New York’s Finest: Competitive eater Joey Chestnut downed 74 hot dogs in the Coney Island Fourth of July Hotdog Eating Contest, beating his already world record
  • — Skeletor Is Gay: Matteo loves to study Ghost Adventures and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  • — I Worked At Michaels: Matteo gets overwhelmed with the Pride parade, explains how he spreads pride as a more reserved gay person, and talks about how growing up in the closet affected his mental health


Matteo LaneMatteo Lane

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