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Jackie Mancini

Comedian and host of the Best Friends However podcast with Eliot Glazer.
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KATG 1794: Those Were the Days

All the things the hit parade those were the days! June 7, 2013

Show Notes

  • — However…: Eliot Glazer and Jackie Mancini, hosts of Best Friends However, are in studio
  • — Business As Usual: Eliot and his boyfriend broke up after they moved in together, and Keith is angrier than Eliot is
  • — What Would Bea Do?: Eliot learns a lot about people based on who their favorite Golden Girl is
  • — Poke: The gang discusses how Facebook has entered the dating scene
  • — Rugel-ugh: Keith thinks Jewish desserts are disgusting, much to the consternation of Jews Chemda and Eliot
  • — She Prefers The Word Big: Jackie used to be obese despite being a vegetarian because she only ate potatoes, pasta, rice and Snickers
  • — Mrs. Mayfield's Chat Party Reunion: Chemda hosted a chat party featuring actors from Lauren's play where Keith explains why Cat's The One
  • — Everything Massage: Of KATG listeners, 3.6% are transgendered, 57% think you should be allowed to wear a Nazi uniform in public, 67% don't like the show All in the Family, 73% say prostitution should be legalized, 71% say yes to hiking, 75% have dissected an animal for school, 53% can enjoy a movie despite a litany of flaws, 33% have used cocaine, and 93% are into Kelly Fastuca's accent

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