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Jamie Kilstein

Comedian and host of the Citizen Radio talk show.
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Hang 67: Wegans

Myq hangs out with Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Jamie Kilstein on The KATG Network June 10, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — I Have A Last Name Too: Myq welcomes Jamie Kilstein and Isa Chandra Moskowitz to the show
  • — He-Gans And She-Gans: Jamie, Isa and Myq share war stories from the trenches of Veganism
  • — Arranged Friendship: Isa forced Myq's hand into being her best friend on Twitter, which surprisingly worked for her
  • — Vote Up: Myq disguises a brag about how many people like his jokes on Reddit as a sob story about how negative Reddit is
  • — Oil The Rage: Isa gets daily hate mail from vegans because she uses oil in her cooking
  • — Post Punk Kitchen: Isa is a chef and a baker who got her start on a cooking show on Brooklyn Public Access TV
  • — Podking: Jamie is bemused at the sheer volume of podcasts available and considers himself the inventor of podcasting
  • — Freedom Of Deletion: Freedom of speech absolutely carries over to online message boards, just like online message boards have the freedom to delete your speech
  • — Further Ado: Isa is turning 40 and is worried that she's becoming too crotchety and bitter. (Spoiler: Just crotchety enough.)
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