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Jim David

Comedian and host of the Jim David's Icons podcast.
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KATG 1796: According to Jim

You know all those things you want Mom to do? That's what we do. June 11, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Internet Illiterate: Jim David, who is thrilled that his parents can't keep tabs on him via the Internet, is in studio
  • — Catch 22: Jim doesn't want a huge level of fame, just enough money to be set for life
  • — OurTube: Jim deletes negative comments left about episodes of his podcast
  • — Domestication: Jim has been with his husband for 25 years, married for 1
  • — His Name Is Danny: Jim uses his blue sense of humor to combat homophobic hecklers at his shows
  • — Fore(skin)shadowing: Jim saw the X-rated film Midnight Cowboy at an impressionable age, and it inspired him to move to NYC
  • — The Cheating Curve: Jim explains 'gay cheating'


Jim DavidJim David

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